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Kenmore Club News for 2008

More Refurbishments

Our major refurbishment programme is now well under way. Cottages 16 to 20 had already been refurbished in 2007 and cottages 21 to 25 were completed in January 2008 (see bottom of this page). Cottages 29 and 30 were completed in time for Christmas 2008 and 26, 27 and 28 have now been finished (Jan 2009). Cottage 15 will be done in 2010 and that will see the completion of all Phase 1 cottages. Photos of cottage 30.

Fees for 2009

Click here to see the fees for 2009 and the last two years.

Cottages for Sale or Rent

At the recent AGM it was agreed that a large number of cottages would be taken over by the Kenmore Club. These are now shown on the "Buy or Rent a Week" page.

Have you been telephoned by a company wanting to buy or sell your week - click here - Unscrupulous Companies.

AGM - 6th September 2008

The Kenmore Club AGM was held on Saturday, 6th September, 2008, at 11:00am at the Kenmore Hotel. We bade a fond farewell to our long standing committee member and Chairman of the past three years - David Arthur. After a close vote, committee member Robin Dolman was re-elected to serve for a further three years. Commiserations to John Lapthorne. Robin has now taken over as Chairman of the Committee and can be emailed on
A request from the AGM was that a planning calendar be added to the website. This has been added as a link from the "Buy or Rent a Week " page.
The next AGM will be on Saturday, 26th September, 2009

Resale Companies

For anyone that has been taken in by ETOO's adverts (see this page), you may be interested to know that the Advertising Standards Agency has adjudicated against ETOO following a number of complaints from people who had paid them a lot of money based on false promises. You can read the adjudication on the Advertising Standards Authority website -

I can also inform you that OTE say that two resale companies have been closed down by the Spanish police for fraudulent activities. The bogus companies are Holiday Network Solutions and Real Escape.

Refurbished cottages

In 2008 we had to increase the annual maintenance charge to allow us to begin a comprehensive refurbishment programme for the cottages at the Kenmore Club. Over the years we have tried to maintain the cottages as best we can within a relatively modest maintenance budget. The resort is now quite mature and to preserve our investment we need to do more than the normal painting and decorating and replacement of soft furnishings. Your Committee is very well aware that we have a quality resort at Kenmore and we need to preserve that quality. We have agreed a refurbishment programme with Diamond Resorts International that means over the next five or six years we will see ALL our cottages completely stripped out and fully renovated to the highest standards. We have now refurbished cottages 21 to 25. Have a look at the photographs.

The Kenmore Constitution

A PDF version of the constitution is available to view here.

If you do not have Adobe Reader on your PC then click the icon on the left to download the reader.

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