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Chairman's Report - September 2010

Kenmore has had a really good year. I have owned my week at Kenmore for a long time and in past years there have been problems with the resort, the resort managers and the management company. Many of us thought the change to Diamond Resorts would bring more of the same but instead we have seen a determination to tackle problems and improve the resort. Some of these improvements are: a more pleasant and friendly reception area, a new TV system with new flat screens in the cottages and an improved CCTV system with extra cameras for the security of guests and staff. Wifi is now available in all cottages together with internet access in reception. We are in the process of becoming a 'TATOC Accredited Resort' which is becoming the industry standard for quality assured resorts. Recycling facilities are now on site, the top car park has been resurfaced, new sofa beds ordered where necessary and diaries re-instated in cottages. A new code of conduct for dog owners has been introduced. Work is underway to paint all the balconies. Cottage 7 has had a much needed makeover. The refurbishment programme continues and by the year end will see cottages 15 and 35 completed and makeovers carried out with cottages 7 and 9. There has also been a very marked reduction in the number of administrative errors - just one this year to my knowledge! Well done all at Diamond Resorts!!

Our resort looks better than I have ever seen it - this is in no small way due to our resort manager Alex Cibelli. Many thanks to him for his really excellent and diligent work. Alex has also managed to keep a very close eye on the cost of running the Kenmore Club and has made many changes to save money. He will miss this year's AGM as he will be on his honeymoon in America - We all wish Alex and Melissa all the very best for the future. To show our appreciation of the excellent work Alex is doing, we have decided to give them a small gift and found that a breadmaking machine was on their want list. The wonderful scent of a freshly baked loaf should make a good start to the day for them!

At this year's TATOC Conference the main speaker was Stephen J Cloobeck, CEO and Owner of Diamond Resorts International®. He spoke on the need for change in the timeshare world and what he is doing about it. We heard of the need to provide an exit strategy for those members who are no longer able to use their week(s) [or their points]. Stephen's words were very well received by everyone at the conference. We also heard about the new Club Connection programme which offers owners a way into the benefits of the points club but without surrendering their fixed time permanently. A short presentation on this new programme will be given following the AGM.

Your Committee is changing - Alan's second term on the Committee has come to an end and he has to stand down. He has done sterling work facilitating renting and selling weeks for Owners at Kenmore as well as being a guiding light for the refurbishment programme. Sid has also completed his term with us as the Points Club member. He has given us a website to be proud of and which is very useful to us all and indeed is the envy of many resorts. Alan's position is not being filled at present as we are trialling a smaller committee to reduce costs. There is no decision to permanently lose this position. Rita Albanese will in future be the Points Club member. Rita says she is 'into everything outdoors' and lives with her family on a smallholding growing their own vegetables and keeping animals as well as providing Bed and Breakfast accomodation, so knows about tourism and guests - knowledge that will be very useful at Kenmore. She is a retired nurse with a Masters Degree in Management and now works part time providing training on health care issues to foster carers for the NHS. We welcome Rita to the Committee and are sad to say goodbye to Alan and Sid. We thank them and wish them well for the future.

In view of the forthcoming VAT increase to 20%, John Lapthorne and our Auditor Douglas Barden have looked at the numbers and calculated that we are still better off not being registered for VAT.
A couple of points:
I would like to remind all of you who bring your boat that it must be registered with reception, before you use the mooring. Problems have been caused to staff and their time wasted in trying to identify the owners of unregistered boats.
If you are considering selling your week please think ahead, keep your management charge paid and advertise as early as possible - especially important in the current ecconomic situation.

In conclusion I hope that you will agree that The Kenmore Club has had a very positive year and is now what it should be - a very special quality retreat in beautiful surroundings!

Robin Dolman
Chairman, Kenmore Club

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