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Chairman's Letter - December 2008

Dear Member,

The Kenmore Club has enjoyed a very positive year. Refurbishment continues with another 2 cottages in December and 3 more in 2009.  The positive feedback shows that the formula, and equally important, the better quality is much more pleasing to you the Members. 

Your Committee has worked hard and in the main harmoniously with the management company.  We have repeatedly ensured that Kenmore keeps its special qualities and does not become a ‘generic’ resort with little or no character.  We all know what attracted us when we bought our weeks and are determined to keep that character and quality.

TV reception at Kenmore has always been a problem and this is not likely to improve with digital transmissions – matters are deteriorating further, with water ingress in the underground cabling.
We have ascertained that the way forward is to install one satellite dish (outside the walled area) to receive ‘Freesat’ which involves a small one off payment and is then free.  It also carries BBC and ITV High Definition services.  The next step is a cabling survey to distribute this service to all cottages.  Using ‘Freesat’ will result in a saving by enabling us to cease using and paying for ‘Sky’ to all the cottages.  It is proposed to have Sky sport only in the bar area and perhaps also on a large screen when the leisure area is upgraded.  We are also awaiting a reduction in the cost of the special TV’s with internal ‘Freesat’ tuners – currently around £800 for a 32” flat screen – these currently are the only models that do not require an external adapter, so are much more user friendly.  Six months ago the price was considerably higher and, as with all new technology, the price should fall further as more manufacturers produce the receivers. 

WiFi to provide internet access in every cottage is in the hands of the IT department of Diamond Resorts (Europe) Limited and we are urging them to expedite introducing the facility.

We now have a very good website offering sale and rental weeks and an increasing amount of detail about our resort as well as restaurants, trips etc. There is also the facility to enter your contact details on the site.  Do have a look and post any thoughts or suggestions on   Many thanks to Sid for all his work on the website. 

We are all faced with the present economic situation and the real level of inflation.  At the October budget meeting we faced these problems together with DRI’s proposed extra charges.  We found it necessary to convene a second meeting in November to have further discussions with DRI regarding these proposed charges.  We succeeded in capping the increase by carefully making economies in a number of areas and are constantly looking for any other cost reductions with the Management team. 

The Committee acknowledge that a significant increase in costs has to be taken into account but has not accepted the principle of the additional charges - and intend to review the situation further.

You should have now received your invoice for 2009 Management Fees together with DRI’s notes regarding the increase on the reverse side of this message.

Robin Dolman - Chairman

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